Over 10 years, we’ve helped some of the most recognized nonprofits, foundations, and NGOs (and some truly inspiring “up and comers”)
 raise underserved populations from poverty, preserve natural resources for future generations, promote gender equality, improve access to quality education, spark a renewed spirit of volunteerism, strengthen our communities’ resilience to disaster, and inspire the next generation of scientists to heal, fuel, and feed the world.

MeanGreen produces message platforms that shape public opinion, drive behavior, mobilize communities, and create change.


Featured Project


U.S. Education Learning Forum


Conduct message alignment sessions to achieve buy-in from dozens of stakeholders, develop content, film fifteen subjects in five cities, and edit stories into four mini documentaries.


Capture full impact of the Gates Foundation’s 15 years of work and $2B investment in U.S. education in a series of four videos, all of which must be approved by an extensive community of stakeholders representing a wide range of strongly held policy beliefs.


Bill and Melinda Gates convened the Education Learning Forum to spark a meaningful exchange of ideas that would inform and inspire the Foundation’s future work in the area of education. With a myriad of speakers, panel discussions, and breakout sessions planned, the organizers wanted to include a human connection to the students, parents, and teachers at the center of it all. Communications strategy firm Ralston Lapp Media teamed with MeanGreen to develop and produce a series of videos toward this end.


Ignite, inspire, and unify a disparate group of national education leaders, celebrating 15 years of progress while charting the course for the next 15.


Strategy & Research

Creative Development


Post Prodution



Four videos featuring students, parents, educators, and policy makers were produced for the Education Learning Forum. Motivated by these stories and the work achieved at the convening, attendees contributed to an updated vision and strategy for the Foundation’s U.S. Programs.



The Excitement Builds

The ballroom’s buzzing with anticipation as teachers, students, policymakers, and trailblazers gather for the Gates Foundation’s first-ever U.S. Education Learning Forum. Leaders and practitioners from across the education continuum pack the hall. Backstage, the technical director whispers cues into his headset. The house lights dim, music swells, and an announcer’s booming baritone fills the hall.

It’s Go Time!

The crowd erupts in a hero’s welcome as Bill and Melinda Gates make their entrance. Beaming with appreciation, the dynamic duo are seated as a panel of massive video displays comes to life. From their seats, the participants turn their attention to the video playing on the screens. And from the sidelines, legions of staffers, consultants, and volunteers take a collective exhale as months of planning are set into action. It’s go time!

Real People. Real Impact.

The video transition works exactly as intended, refocusing the energy generated by the rock star entrance on the real business of the day – creating a world in which all people, especially those with the fewest resources, have access to the opportunities they need to succeed in school and life. As the program unfolds, more videos add context to the policy debates and amplify the presenters’ messages, reminding everyone what’s at stake for the people and communities they’re fighting for.

MeanGreen has the creativity to imagine new solutions and the skillset to execute.

Jason Ralston, Partner, Ralston Lapp Media
Client Since 2006

Just The Beginning

Between videos, Bill and Melinda Gates deliver keynotes celebrating 15 years of progress and offering a clear-eyed view of the hurdles still ahead, even acknowledging that improving the nation’s schools has been more complex than their groundbreaking work finding a cure for malaria. Sitting together for an onstage interview with PBS NewsHour’s Gwen Ifill, the philanthropists double down on their commitment to help all students achieve their full promise. It’s a truly inspiring moment.


To meet the unique needs of our Foundation partners, we engineered a production workflow that included message alignment sessions that achieved buy-in from dozens of stakeholders and carried the project through extensive iterations without a hitch.


Principal photography in Seattle, Chicago, Denver, and Washington yielded 25 hours of footage, which was distilled into four mini-docs with a total run time of 18 minutes.