What happens when a “not so typical” government contractor teams up with a strategy-driven video partner?

When executives at a public sector digital transformation consultancy came to us, they had ambitious goals. The company's commercial experience with Fortune 500 companies gave them a competitive edge, but they wanted to stand apart from the big, established players in the GovCon space. With their eyes set on landing competitive contracts that would grow their revenue exponentially, they zeroed in on video as a common thread between marketing, corporate culture, and business strategy.

It’s not simply about profit. The company's nimble approach is backed by a commitment to the bigger picture. Every project helps government agencies to better serve the public through digital transformation. When they embarked on their video journey, they wanted a partner that shared their values of flexibility, innovation, and real dedication. Enter yours truly, team MeanGreen!  

We understand that digital transformation is not just about the tech; it’s using digital technologies to recreate and reshape business processes, culture, and customer experiences in order to meet ever-changing business and market requirements. This is second nature to us — media production is a constant flood of technology-driven change! After a handful of energizing discovery meetings and attending a spirited all-hands meeting at headquarters, we knew we had found a dream client: big thinkers committed to making the world a better place through innovation.

What follows is a story of sweeping wins. With video as a core component of their overall strategy, our client was able to create excitement within the organization, differentiate themselves from their competitors, and secure multiple government contracts, including one worth $1.4 billion!

Read on to learn how our client used video to win contracts and serve major branches of the U.S. Government

Spotlight on Strengths 

Showcasing the firm’s capabilities in core solution areas was an urgent goal. Our client wanted to highlight their strengths in a way that was eye-catching and memorable. These videos would need to take complex concepts and present them in a way that was simple, smart, and passionate. 

94% of prospects watch explainer videos to understand a product, service, brand, or business better

MeanGreen conducted multiple interviews with leadership to develop a deep understanding of each solution area. From a mountain of information, we extracted and distilled the most important messages to communicate. We then used our storytelling know-how to script engaging videos that served as the blueprint to create eye-catching motion graphics. The end result was a set of videos that rallied teams, showed the client's capabilities and unique approach, and helped differentiate the company in a market dominated by larger and more tradition-bound players.

Celebrating Wins, Envisioning the Future

From an important acquisition to help round out their capabilities in the public sector, to an ambitious vision for the future, our client had lots to brag about. What better way than video to make important announcements to the public, and perhaps more importantly, infuse the team with a lasting sense of excitement?

MeanGreen again collaborated closely with leadership to celebrate this groundbreaking milestone in video, shaping scripts to highlight key insights within each of their lived experiences. MeanGreen coordinated closely with the client's team in advance of recording each participant's interview, so when it came time for the final shots, they knew best how to deliver their message. Instead of focusing on “the lines” they could let their personalities and excitement shine. 

Head to Head Against Big Players, Our Client Wins

Now, for the good stuff. Want to hear about how our client won a $1.4 billion contract? We’re here to tell the story. (Or at least, one important part of it.) Whether your organization works with government agencies or not, video is becoming a critical (sometimes required) facet of any contract. From video orals to training videos and internal marketing videos tailored to the agency's mission, more and more government contractors see video as an essential element to any competitive proposal. 

Contract Proposal Videos

If you live in the world of government RFPs, you know that the Video Technical Presentation (VTP) or “video oral” is now a common requirement. When you need to stand apart for hyper-competitive contracts, you need a video partner that can not only give you a great quality product, but help you think strategically about how to WIN. 

If you have a critical proposal due, let’s talk!

Here’s a little secret we’ll let you in on. Every RFP we’ve seen says that the production quality of the video oral is not weighted in the agency’s final decision. That said, quality and clarity of communication can absolutely make or break your organization’s chances of winning. You need a video partner who understands the exacting requirements of the timing, content, and format for presentations for federal agency contracts. For this reason, we tapped the client to deliver on a strategy that takes full advantage of video as a vehicle of communication. Instead of having key players simply stand and deliver the proposal summary on camera, we created a unique script written specifically for the video oral. We helped the client's team see their proposal as a story and we crafted a narrative to hook viewers and draw them from beginning, to middle, to end. 

Quality and clarity of communication can 
make or break the chances of winning.

Our client's capabilities clearly stand out in their conventional, live oral presentations. The COVID-19 pandemic further accelerated the role of video to document, present, and highlight crucial aspects of how they communicate their strengths, and in the end, win contracts. Through this transformation, they didn't miss a beat; to date, proposals including video orals have helped secure billions in business.

Turning Curveballs into Home Runs

No matter how well you plan, there’s bound to be some unexpected bumps in the road ahead. Our client's video journey had a few hiccups along the way. With a bit of grit and innovation, we turned obstacles into opportunities:

Pandemic Proposals

The pandemic hit right as critical proposals needed to be delivered. With in-person proposal development sessions out of the question, process and communication would be the only way to maintain and improve on the quality of video orals. We created detailed spreadsheets, showing each element of the script with its associated visual frame and other key data, so that all team members — video experts or not — could envision how the video proposal would come together in the edit. As usual, we worked on marrying messaging with storytelling and style, this time with a new twist — utilizing Zoom recordings as raw footage. In the end, despite the obstacles presented by the pandemic, the client had a polished video to accompany their proposal. 

Shifting Brand Guidelines

As with any global organization, the brand is constantly evolving. For this client, this meant that some of the previously-produced videos had fallen out of compliance with the latest brand guidelines. MeanGreen was able to initiate rebranding work directly with the global brand team, reducing the friction to bringing videos up to date.

Responding to the News Cycle

When working with organizations that serve the public, it’s important to have a pulse on public sentiment. In mid-2017, because of factors outside of their control, our client decided to change their approach and area of focus for certain video projects. Without pause, MeanGreen worked to adapt and minimize sunk costs.

The Behind-the-Scenes Champion: Video by MeanGreen

From building staff culture to securing big ticket contracts, video has become a common denominator in success. When we're there to help them communicate what is unique about their approach, document the growth of their team, and increase their visibility in a sector dominated by giants. Our partnership continues to blossom — are we allowed to say they’re one of our favorite clients? — and we’re honored to play a part in their success.

Growth-oriented GovCons know video needs to be tightly integrated into their communication strategy from the beginning. Digital transformation is our lived experience and we believe that innovation and flexibility is a key to our success. MeanGreen partners with businesses to think creatively about how to turn video into a key advantage. To prove it, we’ll even put you in touch with a few of our happy clients so you can hear first-hand what they have to say about working with MeanGreen. Just drop us a line!



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